December 3
1933 very dark all day and no company. I sat around watched the folks and dogs. we let the dogs be in but not the cats.

1934 chilly rainy. Henry [Gottman] Blanche [(Ishmael) Gottman] Betty [Gottman] ab [Albert Shaw] and maggy [Margaret N. Shaw] came Sunday. Blanche [(Ishmael) Gottman]'s have 2 yellow catlets for us. Ab's [Albert Shaw] brot a bucket of coffee Blanche [(Ishmael) Gottman] 4 Pumpkins.

1935 I received 25 cents more & a box alka Seltzer and can of cocomalt for my indian relics. Id Sell em all. cloudy chilly.

1936 misty foggy. I hemmed 5 hankies. washed dishes Radioed wrote letter to orphan annie for Birthstone Ring. Dad went to clarksburg. 2 caller's
Dora Etta Wade's handkerchief
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